Insite National Bank

Living our values with a spirit of service.

Community Involvement

We work together to make a difference in the community.
We truly care about our communities. That’s why Community Involvement is one of our core values. We generously give our time and resources to important causes that make our communities a great place to live and work.

Actions speak louder than words.
Our staff is active in the community. From their personal volunteer efforts with local organizations and events, to their support of civic initiatives on behalf of the bank … we’re a busy bunch of bankers!

We give generously with our resources.
Each year, we donate significant dollars and hours to important causes in the community. This is one of the ways your relationship matters. When you bank with us, you know your dollars stay local and are put to good use in the community.

Use GOOD COIN for your tax-deductible donations.
Our GOOD COIN Partnership greatly benefits non-profit organizations and givers. We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online solution to manage your tax-deductible, local and national charitable donations to any 501(c )3 non-profit, including education and religious organizations. It is quick and easy!
(Consult your tax advisor for deductibility of your donations.)

Visit our GOOD COIN website to:

  • Find your favorite charities from a list of over 1 million organizations
  • Donate quickly and securely with the convenience of online giving through our CSB GOOD COIN website
  • Track your generosity
  • Manage your complete giving history and tax receipts in one, convenient online resource

Note: The GOOD COIN database is based on the IRS list of tax-exempt organizations. It also has thousands of faith-based organizations not required to register with the IRS. If you would like to donate to a non-profit that isn’t listed, GOOD COINS can help to them get added. Visit the website and click on ‘Help’ to view the FAQs.

Enjoy the benefits of GOOD COIN. It feels good to do good.

Check out some examples of our Community Involvement.
Sometimes we forget to take pictures, so this isn’t a comprehensive album! We hope to see you participating in various community events around town!

Montrose Elementary School of Innovation (MESI) 2nd Graders entertained parents, staff and customers for a 5th year in a row. This is an annual event enjoyed by all!

Wright County Community Action Tree Walk

Our Beautifully Decorated Tree!

Quinlan Lammers - Scholarship Recipient

Zach Uter - Scholarship Recipient

Buffalo High School Career Fair

We sponsored a trip to the Children’s Theater for the BHM-Montrose Elementary 3rd Graders

Waverly 150 Parade

Waverly 150 Parade

Bank donations to WCCA

Bank donation to Initiative Foundation (Central MN)